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Installation Instructions for
Double Hung Replacement Windows
Double-Hung/Standard Wood-Square, Level, Plumb
      Insulate the window sill opening prior to setting the masterframe in place. With a level on the masterframe sill, adjust the masterframe unit so the sill is level. Shim as required. Install a screw in the lower corners of the masterframe jambs. There are pre-drilled holes located behind the sash stops. Now level the masterframe jambs and insert the installa-flon screws in the upper corners of the jambs. Snug the installation screw. Do not over tighten

        Insulate the jambs and header of the window. Make sure that the masterirame jamb sections and sashes make full contact with each other. Shim the masterframe as needed to ensure that all sash finseal weatherstrippings make full contact with the master-frame.

        Operate and tilt both sashes prior to replacing the trim to be sure that both function properly and that all adjustments are complete. Reinstall the existing or new interior trim and caulk the interior and exterior perimeters of the window unit.

Coil Stock & Sill Angle
   If the sill is to be covered with coil stock, apply coil stock prior to setting window unit into opening. Extend coil stock approximately 1" under window unit and nail so that nails will be covered with the window once it is in place. Always pitch coil stock so that water will run oil, and not sit against the window unit.
        For installation into an opening with a sloping sill, a sill angle is provided to accommodate the angle of slope. Apply the sill angle in the groove behind the screen track (DIH units), which is behind the exterior leg of the unit's masterframe. Always have window overlap sill angle and coil stock to reduce risk of water infiltration.

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