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Replacement Windows Measuring Guide
Alside Window Systems

Typical Wood Openings

Replacement windows are ordered and manufactured E.B. (Exact Both) size, exact width and exact height. Windows are manufactured on 1/8" increments.
Example: A windows ordered 32" X 45 1/8" will be manufactured 32" X 45 1/8".
    To measure:
1. Width: Measure between the jambs at 3 points - top, middle and bottom. Use the smallest measurement.
2. Height: Measure from back side of the sill stool to the top of the window casing on the left, right and middle. Use the smaller measurement . Cut back the dimensions to allow for squaring and leveling of the window frame in the opening, and to insert insulation between the opening and the mainframe. Normal cut back is 3/8".
Example: Opening size 32" X 45 1/2". Order and manufacture E.B. size 31 5/8" X 45 1/4".
Note: Alside only accepts exact measurements, and is not responsible for determining window cutback sizes.

Metal Removal

    Measure the 3 width points from the plaster or drywall return.
    Measure the 3 height points from the marble or Formica sill to the header drywall return.
    Size the window to fit inside this opening, allowing for squaring, leveling and shimming. Keep in mind what materials will be needed to finish the window units on the interior and exterior, whether it is caulking, vinyl or wood trim on the interior, and caulk, vinyl or wood and coil stock on the exterior.
    All needed installation materials should be noted so they are on hand at the time of installation.
Sill DetailJamb Detail
Typical Wood Openings Typical Wood Openings 2

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