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10570 NC Hwy 211 E Aberdeen, NC 28315
We manufacture Vinyl Storm Windows, Doors, Access Doors, Cupolas, Gable Vents, Garden Windows & Sign Plaques.
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Company History:
Vinyl Windows & Doors Corp. (VWDCorp) was founded in 1985.
The founder started the Company while he owned his own construction company.

He had in the past always used aluminum storm windows. He also had to wait 8 weeks for custom orders. When he started getting requests for vinyl storm windows, he did not want to wait for orders to get delivered and he found out that the prices were much higher than the aluminum windows had been.

To save on the cost of windows & to speed up delivery of windows, he decided to start supplying his own vinyl storm windows, as well as anyone else who needed them in the area.
The company started out only manufacturing vinyl storm windows and vinyl storm doors. Today it manufactures over 12 different items.
Manufacture History:
  • 1985 Company Started
  • 1985 Started with Vinyl Storm Windows & Doors
  • 1992 Added Vinyl Garden Windows
  • 1993 Added Vinyl Crawl Space Access Doors
  • 1994 Added Vinyl Clad Gable Vents
  • 1996 Added Vinyl Plumbing Access Doors
  • 1997 Added Vinyl Clad Cupolas
  • 1998 Added Vinyl Storm/Security Panels
  • 1999 Added Vinyl Sign Plaques
  • 2000 Added Builder's Grade Access Doors
  • 2000 Added Vinyl Crawl Space Access Doors with drop-in panels
  • 2000 Added Vinyl AC Condenser Drip Pans
  • 2001 Added Vinyl Attic Access Doors

New Product:

Seal Tite Doors

Protect your crawlspace with our new

Environmental Safe
Tite Doors.

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